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Hello, I’m Linda Hinkle and I am the creator of High School Stuff.  I'm a southern girl,  having lived in Arkansas my entire life.  I reside there now with my wonderful husband of 10 years, Jim.  Between the two of us we have three grown children of whom we are very proud, two sons and a daughter. Our precious granddaughter, Maggie, is two years old and the absolute delight of our lives.


I recently retired after spending 29 years teaching high school advanced mathematics in public schools in the South. Those years provided me many opportunities to observe and interact with teenagers and their parents.  As most teachers do, I saw situations that were heart-wrenching.  I also encountered many uplifting situations that helped to keep me going over the years.


When I was still teaching full time, I felt the need to be able to communicate with parents, and students, on an individual basis more than time allowed.  Good teachers are very busy.  They are constantly searching for new ways to help students master their subject, making lesson plans, grading papers, attending school functions after hours, and doing tons of required paper work.  Along with all those things, I was also trying to balance being a single mom with two sons.


 Well, my sons have now grown into fine young men (but not without the usual trials and challenges of making it through those teenage years!).  As I ease into retirement, I naturally find myself having more time on my hands.  I’ve also discovered that being an educator doesn’t stop with retirement.  It stays in your blood and is a part of who you are, even though you’re not getting up and going to school every day.


Thus, High School Stuff was born.  It provides an avenue for me to continue my involvement in education, but with a different focus. My goal for High School Stuff is to be a resource for parents and students as they navigate those high school years.  I’m glad you found us and I welcome you to become a part of our community.  Hopefully, you will find something that will help make your busy life just a little  easier.


To happy high school days!                                                


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