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    If you are the parent of a typical teenager, you probably already know that trying to get information about high school progress and activities from them can be next to impossible!

  • My Story
    Tells who I am, and describes how the web site High School Stuff came to be.

  • Scholarships And Financial Aid For College
    A listing of scholarships and financial aid for college information currently available for high school students.

  • Financial Aid for College
    Information about financial aid for college, timelines for applying, how to find money for college.

  • Recommended Articles
    Informational articles for high school students, their parents, and their teachers.

    • Some College Admission Requirements
      If your teen plans to continue education after high school, you will need to start investigating the college admission requirements that must be met.

      • The AP Exams
        An overview of the Advanced Placement Program and the AP exams. The program provides an opportunity for students to take college level courses while still in high school.

      • The SAT
        Overview of the SAT, how to prepare, recommended resources such as Barron's test prep, Kaplan test prep, and the Princeton Review.

    • Students Activities in High School
      Various students activities in high school provide an outlet for students to expand their horizons as they grow and learn. High school, and learning, is about more than just time spent in the classroom

    • What is the Difference Between the ACT and SAT?
      Many students and their parents aren't clear about the difference between the ACT and SAT, the two major college entrance examinations.

    • The College ACT Exams
      Becoming familiar with the college ACT exams will reap huge benefits for you as you navigate the college admissions process.

    • The PSAT Test
      The PSAT test, also referred to as the PSAT/NMSQT, is given all across the country in October every year. Why is that an important thing for students and their parents to know?

    • SAT Test Preparation
      In the world of college admissions tests, things are rapidly changing. SAT test preparation is requiring more of students than in the past.

    • Use of Calculators on Standardized Tests
      The use of calculators on standardized tests must be given careful consideration. Students should make sure to use a calculator with which they are familiar.

    • Financial Aid - When Should I Apply?
      Guidelines for when one should start the application process for financial aid.

    • Help for Parents
      The Help for Parents page describes ways in which a parent can help their high school student study, even if they aren't familiar with the subject matter.

    • Teenage Depression
      A look at teenage depression, causes of, how to detect, and other helpful information for parents of high school students.

    • Strategies For Academic Success: Parental Involvement
      One of the best strategies for academic success that you can provide for your teen is that of parental involvement.

    • Overcoming Math Anxiety
      Overcoming math anxiety is sometimes all that is needed to set a struggling student on the path to mathematical understanding.

    • Study Tips for Math Class
      10 study tips for doing well in a high school math class.

    • Prom
      A look at the tradition of the high school prom, its importance to students, and how to have a safe and memorable prom night.

    • Sports In School
      There are many factors to consider when helping your teen decide whether or not to participate in sports in school.

    • Academic Success
      Studies have shown that connecting with your child's teacher can make a big difference in your child's academic success.

    • Getting Ready For High School
      Getting ready for high school is a huge transition for teens and their parents. Here are some tips to help make it easier.

    • Using An ACT Study Book
      Can using an ACT Study Book, sometimes called a Study Guide, really help you to prepare for and get a good score on the ACT exam?

    • Finding A High School Fundraiser Idea: How To Choose The Product And The Company
      Finding a good high school fundraiser idea is a problem faced by thousands of teachers, coaches, and parents each year.

    • Teen Stress Management
      Some simple teen stress management techniques that you can help your teen implement.

    • Some Geometry Homework Help For You
      Students who have traditionally excelled in math may suddenly find themselves needing extra geometry homework help, even though in the past they sailed through algebra assignments with no problem.

    • Get Money For School
      As you begin your efforts to help your teen get money for school, you're likely to be bombarded with all kinds of information. Some of it will be good and some not no good.

    • The ACT College Test Registration
      The ACT college test registration process can be a bit intimidating the first time, but it doesn’t have to be.

    • good study habits
      Good study habits are essential if students are to do well in demanding high school courses. Here are some tips to help you guide your teen in developing those skills.

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    The Contact Us page for the High School Stuff web site makes contact information available. Contact may be made via email or regular mail.

  • XSitePro Review
    A review of the XSitePro software and how it can be used to make money. Perfect for teachers who need extra money and parents who may need money for child going to college.

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