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Preventing Academic Failure:  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had some fool-proof method of preventing academic failure for our teens? 

Getting Ready For High School:  Teenagers all over the world will take the leap from child to young adult this fall. They will be entering High School for the first time.  These tips can help make the transition easier.

ACT College Test Registration: The ACT college test registration process can be a bit intimidating the first time, but it doesn’t have to be.

Using An ACT Study Book: Can using an ACT Study Book, sometimes called a Study Guide, really help you to prepare for and get a good score on the ACT exam? 

What Is The Difference Between The ACT and SAT?  Many students and their parents aren't clear about the difference between the ACT and SAT, the two major college entrance examinations.  The article below explains the difference in the two tests and answers some frequently asked questions about the ACT in particular.

College ACT Exams:  There comes a time in every college bound person's life when they ask the questions "What is the ACT and how does it impact my future"?

SAT Test Preparation:  In the world of college admission tests, things are rapidly changing.  SAT test preparation is requiring more of students than in the past.  Read here to learn about recent changes in the test and how students can best prepare for it.

The PSAT Test: The PSAT Test, also referred to as the PSAT/NMSQT, is given at high schools across the country every October.  Why is that an important thing for students and their parents to know?
Use of Calculators on Standardized Tests:  The list of approved calculators is not the same for all standardized tests.  It is important that you know which calculators are allowed on each of the exams you will be taking.

Financial Aid - When Should I Apply For?:  Many different types of financial aid are available to you in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans. With billions of dollars at stake, it is important to begin the search process early and to apply on time.

Help Your Teenager Study:  Over the years I have observed, time and time again, parents wanting to help their children be good students but feeling completely helpless as to how or what they could do. 

Teenage Depression:  About 5% of teenagers suffer from severe depression.   Read about what to look for and what you should do if you see signs of depression in your teenager.
Overcoming Math Anxiety:  Whether it's algebra, geometry, trigonometry or calculus, high school mathematics courses tend to be more difficult than other subjects for many students.
Study Tips For Math Class:  10 excellent tips for getting good grades in math class.

How To Have a Fabulous and Memorable Prom Night:  Prom is a wonderful way to celebrate with your class.  Here are some ideas to help make the night a memorable one.

Sports in School:  There are many factors to consider when helping your teen decide whether or not to participate in sports in school.

Finding A High School Fundraiser Idea:  How To Choose The Product And The Company:  Fundraising is a necessary activity for many high school groups.  Make the most of your efforts by knowing what to look for when planning your fundraiser.

Teen Stress Management:  Some simple teen stress management techniques that you can help your teen implement.

Some College Admission Requirements - The Entrance Exam: If your teen plans to continue education after high school, you will need to investigate the college admission requirements that must be met.

Students Activities:  Various students activities in high school provide an outlet for students to expand their horizons as they grow and learn.  High school, and learning, is about more than just time spent in the classroom.

Strategies For Academic Success: One of the best strategies for academic success that you can provide for your teen is that of parental involvement.  Research shows that this is the number one contributing factor to a student's academic success, both at the elementary and high school level.

Get Money For School: As you begin your efforts to help your teen get money for school, you're likely to be bombarded with all kinds of information.  Some of it will be good and some not no good.  How do you tell the difference and decide just what options you have.

Good Study Habits:  Good study habits are essential if students are to do well in demanding high school courses. Here are some tips to guide you in helping your teen develop those skills.





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